New Client Special GYROTONIC® Method

Are you new to the GYROTONIC® Method? Want to give it a try? The best way to start is through our new student special. We are here to help you tap into your full potential at any age or fitness level. These 3 sessions will give you a great introduction to this unique method and the potential it has to achieve your wellness goals. Already a client of GYROTONIC® San Diego? This special makes a great gift for someone you might want to introduce to the GYROTONIC® Method. *Only for new clients to GYROTONIC® San Diego*
3 Intro to the GYROTONIC® Method Sessions: $180

GYROTONIC® Method Private Sessions (1 hour)

Private sessions give clients a one-on-one experience with this amazing system.  We can work with people from all walks of life to attain their ideal healthy body.  Sessions are 1 hour in length and can take part on multiple pieces of equipment.  The privates are designed to meet your long-term goals but allow for each appointment to be tailored to your daily needs.  This is our most personalized session type and allows for in-depth transformative work.
Studio Owner
Single Session: $95
5 Sessions: $450
10 Sessions: $850
Certified Trainer
Single Session: $85
5 Sessions: $400
10 Sessions: $750

GYROTONIC® Method Semi-Private Sessions (1 hour)

In a semi-private session, the clients train in the company of one other person and is a wonderful alternative to a private session or group class. Semi-private sessions maintain a great amount of personalized attention while providing a communal feel to the class. These sessions are fun and playful and often focus more on creating rhythm and melody in your body which includes slightly faster pacing than might happen in a private session.
Studio Owner
Single Session: $65
5 Sessions: $300
10 Sessions: $550
Certified Trainer
Single Session: $60
5 Sessions: $275
10 Sessions: $500

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Ida P Rolf, Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) was developed by author and bodyworker Thomas Myers. ATSI consists of a series (usually 12) that unfold around a logical and coherent map of the myo-fascia, the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians. Each session involves deep, slow fascial and myofascial manipulation, coupled with movement re-education. The design of ATSI is to unwind the strain patterns residing in your body’s locomotor system, restoring it to its natural balance, alignment, length, and ease. Note: each session ranges from 60-90 minutes.
Each Session (1.5hr): $130

Structural Integrative Bodywork

A “whole-listic” approach to bodywork, Structural Integrative Bodywork addresses your unique and ever evolving goals. Looking at the body through the lens of structural integration, each visit we assess your current needs, evaluate your body and decide together how best to approach the session. We will use a combination of techniques to get the best therapeutic results. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between you and the therapist and is about creating a symbiotic connection where we are working together to achieve your individualized wellness experience.
1 hour $85
1.5 hour $130